We like to call ourselves as “investment tailors”.

Never an idea made this much sense for us as 4xCube.
In a market of intense competition, only the firms who operate based on transparency, uniqueness and superb customer service can make a stand. And these are our 3 major guidelines on a daily basis. To add value to your Trading.

With a Team with more than 20 years of experience across different markets, we not only understand what makes the difference when you open a trade, as we understand even more when a robot opens it on your behalf.

We help you finding your Trading DNA. What we call of Tradermark.


Client’s success is our Proposition.

To make FX trading and Investments in general a much easier journey.

We created the place where we aggregate technology innovation, ultra low spreads, fast execution and an exceptional customer service, offering you the opportunity to know yourself as a Trader or as an Investor.

As an execution-only Broker with no dealing desk, we accept all type of trading strategies making it the perfect environment specially for those who seek low latency for algorithmic trading.

  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Superb Customer Service
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Algorithms Best Friend
  • Focused on the Client
  • Aggregation of prices from multiple LPs
  • Wide range of trading tools
  • Tailor-made Partnership Program
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