What makes 4xCube unique is that our clients are not only clients but our partners and friends.
And friends of friends are our friends as well!
Because we never forget those who help us growing, we will be offering you 50 USD per friend you Introduce*
They just need to write your name or Partner Code in the application form, fund their accounts and start
trading! – Find your Tradermark™

1. Your friends must fund their new trading account in order to generate this CPA for you.

2. This offer is only available if you are introducing new users to 4xCube. It is not open to anyone in the same household or family of an existing client or to any of 4xCube’s employees, their friends or family. It is also not open to any group or syndicate of customers, including where 4xCube believes there to be evidence of cooperation, collusion and/or organisation of trades from the same source.

3.  We will not be liable for any losses that your friends introduced may incur as a result of trading with 4xCube.

4. We reserve the right to amend, withdraw or restrict this offer at any time without notice. This offer is subject to fair use policy and we have the right to withhold this offer when we have reasonable belief that the offer is being abused in any way.

5. We are the sole arbiter of these rules and any other issue arising under this promotion.

6. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other account opening or partnership offer.


Find your Tradermark™

are you ready?